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Our names are Emerson & Kimberley we are a husband & wife team living by the seaside in sunny Spain. We are both nature lovers and love to be outside. I am a seaside person I have always lived near the sea and I always feel better when I can see the sea. Kim however grew up living on the moors in Dartmoor so she loves nothing more than climbing around discovering new places with our dog Henry. We both love to be outside doing something. I have always been a massive board sports fan you could always find me long boarding or snowboarding in the winter, the next thing I want to learn are SUP ( stand up paddle ) & wake boarding so if you have a boat give me a shout !
I have always been a visual person looking for the photo in the most mundane scenes, I really discovered photography with an old nokia camera phone. The original ones that had a 2mp camera. And from there I slowly got better cameras until now I have a huge collection of cameras both film & digital. Kim however has always been an artistic person she has sold paintings & sketches and we feel that her art background means that she see’s things slightly differently and adds her knowledge in to her photos.

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