Engagement Photography in Spain

” Engagement Photography” or ” Pre-Wedding Photography” Is somewhat unknown to most people, which is a real shame because in my opinion it can be the most enjoyable & valuable photo session we can have together.

While Engagement photography is common in the U.S. , There is still a bit of confusion as to what they actually entail here in Spain.


Wether you are newly engaged, been together for years, not engaged yet or even been married for years an Engagement photo shoot follows the same format.

You or i will chose a nice outdoor Photography Location in the Costa Blanca ( We are willing to go anywhere, so if you are feeling more adventurous Get in Touch and we can plan). We will spend 1-2 hours taking photos of you and your partner. Don’t worry we will go for a nice walk exploring and we will stop at good spots take a few photos and keep walking.

During the shoot i will use my Natural Wedding Photography style as much as possible, but don’t worry i will give you a few posing tips and other direction if necessary.


A pre-wedding engagement photography session is an invaluable experience, And i always encourage my couples to book an Engagement Session.

As i mentioned before pre-wedding photography is really big in the U.S. so i thought i would add a few reasons why i think you should have an Engagement Shoot before your Wedding in Spain.


The Engagement Photography session is the perfect time for a couple to experience what it is like to be together in front of the camera.

My Natural Photography style lends itself best to intimate moments. So you will have lots of time together getting in nice an close and do your very best to imagine that i’m not there, and it’s just you and your loved one!

I completely understand if that sounds really uncomfortable, but don’t worry very quickly you start to forget that the camera is there.

And that is when we start to capture the natural moments of emotion that happen without any prompting whatsoever.

By the end of the session both you and your partner will feel happy and relaxed in front of the camera before your wedding day.

Come your wedding day, you will be ten times more relaxed around me & my camera on your wedding day. And come the time for your bridal portrait session you will know exactly what to expect & we will be able to caputre amazing Natural Wedding Photos.


Whilst the majority of my Natural Wedding Photography is Candid and hands off, during the bridal portraits it’s a little different.

For this very short period i will get involved and give you a little bit of direction on location, light & posing. To give you a great collection of Natural Wedding Photos in the shortest period possible.

I know that on your wedding day you want to spend your time with your family and friends instead of a long photoshoot keeping you away from the bar.

We won’t rush through your bridal photos, but this is where the Engagement Session comes in to play. Because you already know exactly what i need you to do in front of the camera time will be on our side, then we can slow things down to give you some time to spend together as a newly married couple.


Because of the pre wedding session you will know exactly what poses feel comfortable for you both & what photos looks the best. We always provide a variety of different shots but if there is a particular style of shot that you loved from our Engagement Session. We can be sure to include them in our Bridal Portrait Session.

After the Engagement session we will listen to your feedback as to which photos you liked and if it was a particular pose or the lighting or even a background element. You will have an opportunity to look through and see which photos you like the best and choose which ones you would like more of on your wedding day.


The pre-wedding session is also a great opportunity to get natural photos of yourselves as a couple. You’ll be able to wear your favourite clothes and feel more relaxed than if you were in a fancy suit and Wedding dress. That also means we will be able to do more fun things that we can’t do in fancy clothes. Being in different clothes can also change the mood to the photos.

Having pre-wedding photos i also a nice memory to have of the best and most stressful time of your life organising a wedding.

We always try and take some photos that are a little less focused on you that include the landscape, some people think they make great wall art and print them big to hang in there homes!

Some people even choose to use these photos to add on to there invitations or print the for some art to display at the wedding!

 # 5 – HAVE FUN

Like i said before this period is an extremely happy and exciting time worth documenting. But it is also a very stressful time and an Engagement session is a great excuse to spend an Afternoon off all the stress and get all dressed up and have a little fun!

For whatever reason you are thinking about having an engagement session, i can’t recommend it enough. Invest now in memories that will last forever and photos you can show off  to your grandkids and show them how awesome you were “back in the day” !

Get in Touch to book your Engagement session now and i will get back to you asap!