Hi, I am Emerson Bailey

I am so pleased that you found my website. Here is a little bit about me. I have always lived right next to the sea and for the past 17 years i have lived in Javea, Spain. I have recently renovated an apartment near Cala Blanca beach which is my favourite beach. Whenever i can you will find me there on my paddle board. It's by far the best way to relax, just sit back and watch the waves. My photography Style is very relaxed, i hate to force situations. It's much better to catch the natural moments in my opinion. Over the past 3 Years my brother Finley has started working with me so that we can offer both Photo & Video as one cohesive team. If you want to learn more about how we work doing Wedding Photography & Video simultaneously click on the link.

Emerson Bailey | Wedding Photographer


Our style throughout the day is very relaxed, we take a Photojournalistic approach so our work is 90% Candid photos. And the other 10% is 2 parts what i like to call my "Grandma Photos" family photos are the ones that go on her mantle piece, I've learnt it's not worth upsetting Grandma so i have a few tricks for getting all the photos we need without it taking too long. And finally the last 5% is my favourite, I love to take you away for just 15 min and give you a chance to relax and just enjoy being married, but it's a great opportunity to get just a few photos of you both where i will help guide you in to you looking your best. Other than that 10% we like you to ignore us as much as possible through the day. My favourite compliment to get on a wedding day is "Emerson, we didn't even see you!"

If you have any questions about our style feel free to GET IN TOUCH and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Emma & Steven

“Amazing you are so wonderful and made us feel at ease!! The pictures we have seen so far are wonderful! Thank you for capturing our special day! You guys are the best!!!”

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